Descended from the Elder Goddess Igaso, the igasho are by far the largest of the mortal races. They tend to be solitary wanderers, though their personality is generally jovial and good-natured. Their thick fur and hide allows them protection against the harshest of weather, and igasho native to arctic regions have long, white fur. Most igasho prefer forests and open ranges rather than prolonged confinement in cities. Slow to anger, when roused, an igasho makes a ferocious fighter as they are extremely strong and hardy.

Languages: Igasho, Common.




  • Level 1: Resistance to cold damage.
  • Level 25: Igasho gain the ability to SCALE naturally. If they have learned SCALE in the environment skillset, they now do so at half the balance cost.
  • Level 50: Igasho gain a natural bonus to their warmth stat. Igasho with the Blademaster specialisation can use one handed swords more effectively than any other race.
  • Demigod: Ability: CARRY - Using their sheer size and strength, an igasho will unceremoniously pick up their target and walk out of the room with them. This ability cannot be used more than once every 10 seconds.
  • Demigod+: Improved Ability: The Unstoppable Force - CARRY now ignores the target's movement resistance, and will smash any walls impeding progress with brute strength. Anyone blocking in the same direction you move will be knocked prone. Additionally, for 10 power an igasho can break past powerful barriers like a great pentagram.