On the most simplistic level, guilds are where one learns the skills and specializations of a certain class. It also provides a social organization of like-minded individuals. In Lusternia, however, guilds are much more than that. They are not separate from the city or commune in which they are located; rather, guilds should be considered branches of the city's or commune's infrastructure, so close is the interrelationship. Each city and commune revolves around a nexus of power (unique to each city and commune), and guilds both upkeep and use this nexus for the raw power needed to perform many of their special feats. Leaving a city or commune cuts off the individual from the spiritual ties to that nexus of power, so in a sense being a member of a city or commune is more important than being a member of a guild. While guilds are the learning centers where people are trained for powerful skills and spells, it is also a political faction.

List of Guilds

Cities of Lusternia
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Guild Positions

The ruling council of the city or commune is made up of Guildmasters, and not being a member of a guild will disenfranchise you from the political process of your city or commune. There are three elected positions of the guild, which are chosen by active guild members through an election process. No person may hold more than one of these important offices.

Elected Position: Guildmaster

The Guildmaster sits on the ruling council of his or her city or commune, making this the most prestigious and politically influential of all the elected guild positions. Those running for this office are not concerned with the day-to-day activities of the guild, but rather represent the guild in the city or commune government. Matters regarding the nexus of power is of chief importance followed by the bureaucratic administration and diplomatic affairs of the government. Along with the Guild Champion, the Guildmaster may use the nexus of power that the guild is tied to for summoning of powerful security forces that will protect the city or commune.

Elected Position: Guild Administrator

Arguably the most powerful position in the guild itself, though least glamorous, is that of the Guild Administrator. Where the Guildmaster has very few duties within the guild, it falls to the Administrator to oversee the training novices, run the guild bank accounts, appoint undersecretaries and generally run all the day-to-day operations of the guild. Those who seek this office are truly concerned with the guild's well-being and thrive on administrative tasks.

Elected Position: Guild Champion

The Guild Champion's main responsibility is to protect his or her fellow guild members. Champions are expected not only to be masters of combat within the guild but also willing and able to answer the call of guild members in distress. To this end, each Champion receives the prestigious artifact which every guild possesses. Champions also may summon security forces at the nexus of power.

Appointed Position: Guild Envoy

This position is generally appointed by the Guild Patron, though the Guildmaster may also make the appointment. In any regard, the Council of Elder Gods can remove this person from this position at any time and for any reason and demand another appointment. The Envoy represents the guild to the Council of Elder Gods as a liaison to discuss the guild skills and powers. The Envoy is responsible for gathering information from his or her guild members regarding guild skills and submitting a report.

Appointed Position: Guild Undersecretary

Undersecretaries are appointed by the Guild Administrator and generally help with the training of novices.

Appointed Position: Guild Secretary

The Guildmaster may choose to promote an Undersecretary to the position of Secretary, which position has more responsibilities and powers.

Appointed Position: Guild Protector

Guild Protectors are appointed by the Guild Champion and are charged to assist in helping protect guild members who find themselves in situations where they need rescue. There are no powers for guild protectors, though generally new Champions are chosen from this pool as having demonstrated both ability in combat and willingness to come to the aide of others.

Appointed Position: Guild Security

The Guildmaster may choose to promote a Guild Protector to the position of Guild Security, allowing that person access to the summoning powers of the nexus.