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Announce News Post #2161


Written by: Estarra the Eternal
Date: Saturday, March 23rd, 2013
Addressed to: Everyone

There's been some updates on quests listed under QUESTS. You can no
longer track them manually. You must actually begin the quest to add it
to your active quest list. (You can still untrack them, if you want.) In
the description of the quest (example, QUEST STEWARTSVILLE), you will
see instructions on how to begin the quest and add it to your list

If you use mxp (hotlinks), you can click on the line where it asks if
you want to begin the quest or not.

If you help newbies, please instruct them that they must greet the mobs
there to add quests to their quest list (if they haven't figured it

Penned by My hand on the 20th of Urlachmar, in the year 350 CE.

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