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In mid-year 535 CE, the Serenwilde had an unexpected visitor: While sewing some new attire for herself, Lief Myeras was visited by shadowy figure with a pair of oval, green eyes, who did not stay long, but left behind a single bouncing muku ball. Lief, though behind on the news, soon learned that the muku were the signature fauna grown by a sharded race named the kaelye, who dwell upon the aetherbubble Lyraa Ey Rielys, and who were featured in dire events years ago: when Lyraa Ey Rielys was on a collision course with Lusternia itself.

Like his predessor Taimi Kivinen, this visitor was reticent and reclusive, needing much coaxing to interact, and his language skills, though passable thanks to Taimi's coaching, nonetheless left much to be guessed. Despite the barriers, Lief soon learned that this kaelye, by the name of Lanni Ahonen, was looking for the Elder Goddess Maylea.

Through the subsequent months, Lanni came and went in the Serenwilde forest, interacting with others who sought to help him, including Pysynne, Kaiel, Aruokei, Millien, Verrix and Ani. Lanni learned more and more Common, and discovered a particular liking for cookies. But throughout, Lanni again and again sought to speak with the Bloom of Serenity. Accordingly, those who followed the Goddess among the Seren prayed to Her with much sincerity, and thus Maylea was called to Lanni's presence.

It is said that Lady Maylea showed Lanni Ahonen remarkable kindness in their first meeting, though She soon retreated to meditations upon hearing his request. All was quiet for some months.

In Tzarin of 536 CE, Serens noted a particular concentration of Maylean devotees gathered in Her Temple. None but those who follow the Goddess know the full of what transpired within, but there are rumours that pass among those of the botanical persuasions: that the muku plant, which had heretofore been flowerless, has bloomed for the first time in all the ages of the worlds....

And what has happened to the kaelye, Lanni Ahonen? Only the Mayleans know.

July 2019 Newsletter Fri, 05 Jul 2019 19:16:14 +0000

Return of the Vesteran Honours!

Art-Bard Contests Re-Opened

Lusternia Art-Bard Contests, also known as the Vesteran Honours, are back on the website, albeit with a different look. As a trial run, we have opened up the contest for this month for artisanal and bardic entries, so please feel free to submit an entry. We have uploaded at least some of the prior winners from past contests if you are interested in browsing the many excellent entries we’ve had in the past.

Mage Updates Going Forward

Orael the head coder of Lusternia has shared the specifics for the specializations with players on the forums. At this point, players are encouraged to help design and develop the specific specialization mage skills as well as working together to develop cohesive combat strategies for each organization. Read more.

Spring Scavenger Hunt

A surprise spring scavenger hunt was sprung from Serenwilde’s very-own Ydyrin, the Scorched Hamadryad. The flowery themed event ended with Ayisdra of Hallifax taking the laurels. Read more.


  • July 1-31: For the month of July, we are bringing back the firework curios for those who missed them during the anniversary sale! When a firework curio is completed, they will form a baton that can set off a special firework that gives a blessing to the room. Collect all four batons, and the firework will give a blessing to an entire city or commune! As an added bonus, you will also receive free presents with each firework purchase. Also, we are putting wonder crystals on sale on the website as well! We’ve discounted the crystals and include 2 free presents for each crystal purchased. Both firework curios and wonder crystals can be found on the Credit Page!
  • July 14: Wild Nodes!
  • July 28: Wild Nodes!

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Spring Scavenger Hunt Sat, 22 Jun 2019 18:45:50 +0000

Ydryin, the Scorched Hamadryad of Serenwilde, led a Scavenger Hunt with a flowery theme! It ran for a fair amount of time, but ultimately Chairman Ayisdra Ysav'rai of Hallifax puzzled out the clues and claimed his prize of a laurel crown of burning wisterias, as well as the honor of spending a full Lusternian day with Ydryin at a time of his choosing.

Congratulations Ayisdra, and look forward to more games like this in the future!


June 2019 Newsletter Mon, 10 Jun 2019 00:21:21 +0000

Timequakes and the
Dawning of the Age of the Magi

Timequakes and the Battle to Defend Time

In the middle of the 530th year after the Coming of Estarra, the people of the Basin of Life began to experience strange visions. Some came in dreams, whilst others would strike at random – bringing images from a titanic figure tearing away monstrous wings to the world transformed into immaculate and desolate forms. Time itself was under attack, and reality itself was in danger of fracturing. Through studying prophecies and intense research, the guilds throughout Lusternia individually and collectively were able to mitigate the worst of the effects. Read about the Battle to Defend Time.

Thus, Timequakes have been released into Lusternia, a new system where rifts in time randomly appear that lead to pockets outside of time, where there is no experience loss from death. Players can compete to collect anomalies that can be used either for individual power or to help guilds research how to exploit the weaknesses in the temporal fabric. Read more.

Dawning of the Age of the Magi

This large coding project will focus primarily on updating mages and druids, which will replace the demesne system with a new node system. The projected time to complete this project will be approximately 3 months with the aim of releasing the new system the end of August or beginning of September. Be sure to keep abreast of the forums where ongoing discussions with players will shape how the system evolves. The initial framework includes:
  • Nodes – 3-5 per melder.
    • Nodes can be placed anywhere except adjacent to another node and melder/linked rooms.
    • Rooms between nodes will become terrained and melded upon new node being planted but only if the nodes are within 5 rooms of each other.
      • Will be the shortest path between two rooms
      • If multiple paths are available, the path will be randomly chosen
      • linked nodes will be stronger than unlinked nodes. (1.5x stronger)
    • Any node can be broken, and any linking between nodes will dissipate
      • Can be broken by killing the Avatar
        • Melder (and any bonded melders) will be notified when avatar attacked
        • Avatar disappears when Primary melder is in the node room.
      • Can be broken by an enemy melder using a 5s channel
        • Melder (and any bonded melders) notified when channel started
        • Primary melder going to the node will stop it (not bonded melders) if the melder is present in the room at the end.
        • Nothing else breaks the channel
      • Can be broken by killing the melder in the node room.
  • Effects
    • Effects fire in each node room and any linked room.
    • Protection scroll prevents effects in linked rooms, does not protect in node rooms.
  • Other melders
    • Other melders of the same spec can bond with a node
      • Increases Node strength by 10% per melder bonded.
    • Gain access to meld commands (ie demesnewatch, teleport and any other demesne abilities)
    • If primary melder dies, secondary melder becomes the holder (in order of bonding).
      • If no seconday melder, all nodes break.

Updates Galore

Many reports submitted by players have been addressed. There was also a popular Twitch livestream of a coder fixing bugs! These updates include (but are not limited to):

Report Updates

  • Night Curse can no longer give asthma
  • Unravelling will only cause passive asthma at 7 twists now.
  • Night Steal has had a 1p cost added to it.
  • New Order privilege – Dismantle
    • DISMANTLE SHRINE can be used to remove a shrine and all of the influenced rooms. Will cost 200,000 essence.
    • DISMANTLE INFLUENCE can be used to remove the influence of a specific room. Will cost 10,000 essence to use.
    • Must be assigned by your patron to order ranks in order to use.
  • A ‘Looktext’ category has been added to stat that will display how you look to people in the room. One caveat is that this considers both your current status and your defenses, so for instance if you are shrouded but do not have thirdeye up, you will see nothing on the looktext.
  • Shamanism Mudslick, Quicksand, Land and Root have had their environmental constraints removed.

Livestream Updates

  • Shivering should never cure before Frozen now.
  • The weather balloon rooms should no longer count towards explorers
  • Severing astrospheres will require the target to have masochism.
  • Wonderwings Jump and Wonderpipe Smokestep will be affected by aeon once more.
  • Wonderpipe Anamnesis Faelings will get the One with Nature in Wyrden forests.
  • Naga and Sileni can now be blessed by domoths.
  • Mintcandy will now appear in the Aethergoop items in your rift.
  • Aethertraders should now properly reset and always accept 3 trades when first appearing.
  • You will now be able to hide the Bladed Harness of the Cow Butcher like other artifacts, such that the cows will never see you coming.


  • June 1-30: For the month of June, we are introducing a new coin that can be used to spin the Wheel of Tzaraziko: golothian blood coins! These coins have slightly better payouts than Czigany coins plus there’s a chance the reward could be random anomalies! Packages of mixed coins (Czigany and Golothian) can be found on the Credit Page!
  • June 2: Wild Nodes!
  • June 16: Wild Nodes!
  • June 30: Wild Nodes!

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The Battle to Defend Time Sun, 12 May 2019 21:01:26 +0000

In the middle of the 530th year after the Coming of Estarra, the people of the Basin of Life began to experience strange visions. Some came in dreams, whilst others would strike at random - bringing images from a titanic figure tearing away monstrous wings to the world transformed into immaculate and desolate forms.

This quickly caught the notice of the world's adventurers, but it was quite by accident that the first prophecy regarding the weaknesses in the timestream was found. Indeed, Gurashi An'Ryshe was overwhelmed to discover that his summoning of Mother Night had elicited more than an urge to slay the Aspects of Hart. As the Glomdoring set to considering this wisdom, other organisations launched their own investigations.

In Serenwilde, a valiant effort to summon Chuchip was ironically foiled by the progression of time, whilst Lisuarte sought to investigate the Lirangsha Retreat - having witnessed a vision referencing the Golothian Empire. Not long after, in New Celest, Qoivhae Vivalde sought the wisdom of the Supernal Elohora, and lent aid to Torili of the Ecclesiarchy.

The greatest discussion of what could be behind the events was held in Gaudiguch, where following Coraline Myeras's discovery of Guardian Drachou's prophecy, Jolanthe Rithel and Gabe of the Revelry shared their thoughts and visions. Indeed, many of their predictions regarding the Last Goloth's intentions - including his desire to invade once more - proved to be correct. Hallifax also consulted their temporal scholars, and monitored the situation at length with the help of Fraesic Sunfar.

Whilst this was happening, the everyday cloak-and-dagger of Magnagora was intensified by the machinations of the Demon Lords of Nil, who never fail to advance their diabolical plots when an opportunity presents itself. Though concerned for what the peculiar visions and dreams spelled for the First World, few listened to Jaydice of the Infernals who called for unison and sharing of information where everyone else pursued their own shadowy schemes. Ultimately, all Magnagorans came to pursue the insights of the Necromentate, but each for their own ends.

Then, two months into the effects upon the timestream, things worsened. The face of Goloth Maxyenka appeared before the Basin of Life, crowing that the Beast of Time would be his to claim. There was little time to contemplate who or what this might be, for soon people were being flung to distant reaches of the First World, assaulted by one-eyed dominators, and witnessing worldwide phenomena as two timelines attempted to converge on the world's own.

Something had to be done.

And so it was that throughout the Basin, the guilds that had come to serve their cities and communes sought to defend their charges. In an unexpected delay of sobriety, it was the Revelry of Gaudiguch who were first to secure a project to defend their citizens - though the Skylark Consortium of Hallifax were not far behind. As their members quickly discovered themselves immune to the temporal manipulations, other guilds followed - with the Infernals of Magnagora, the Thornwatch of Glomdoring, the Ecclesiarchy of New Celest and the Sowers of Serenwilde soon following.

These projects were acquired in ways as different as the organisations themselves.

In Gaudiguch, the Revelry - led by Kistan Rithel and Gabe - unlocked the way into a new section of their guildhall, unveiling a mysterious artifact known as the Multidexicolorma, whilst the Goon Squad reignited the Infinity Inferno and the Seekers conducted a transmological ritual to create the Eye of the Gnostic Dawn.

Opposite them in Hallifax, a group of concerned citizens sought the wisdom of the city's most knowledgeable temporal minds. With the data they had gathered, they assisted Indcii Oolin in discovering several temporal nexii - divergences in the timeline where the survival of Hallifax became drastically more likely. With this knowledge, the Skylark Consortium were able to converge the Taroch Project, the Grand Aerie assisted Isaisys the swan in singing the Echoes of the First Symphony into being, and Princess Setisoki of the Adherents called forth the Font of Time.

In Magnagora, months of gruelling pursuits first yielded results for the Infernal Mandate. On the Supreme Master Luciphage's orders, the Mandate sought to summon an artifact powerful enough to ward off temporal interference and, with the help of the ancient archlich, Veritus n'Rotri, they marshalled the magicks of the Black Fortress to their ends. Meanwhile, the Heralds of Dark Fates were playing the long game at Prince Baalphegar's behest. Deals had been struck, skilled ritualists dug out of holes, astrologers consulted, and demonologists enlisted; and then two bucketfuls of Earthen mud later, the timeline convergence has been exploited to great result. None of this, however, concerned the Iniquitous Society who were dealing with a handful of a project of their own. Little is known of what actually occurred except that it involved a fair amount of tea and blood.

Deep within the shadows of Glomdoring, Proselyte Afollia and Proselyte Esri, along with Lothwen Darkeye, discovered an antique mirror behind some drapes in the storerooms of the Temple of Mother Night. Discerning mystic energies thrumming beneath its reflective surface, they were able to awaken its power, which revealed the location of the Scrying Pool of Hallowed Blessings hidden within an ancient vault, able to control temporal abnormalities. Meanwhile, Rotbark the Blackhearted Wyrdenwood awoke within the Thornwatch Maze, disturbed by the quakes in time. Kyalrhin of Thornwatch who Rotbark saw as an "odd little bug" was ultimately able to convince Rotbark to help, which he did in the form of a giant shadowcatcher web. Soon joined by Spirit Warden Xenthos, they were able to empower the web, they transformed it into the Garden of Merciless Reaping, whose roots were able to extend into time itself. Most strange of all, however, was when the swarm of locusts known as Raemourne the Multitide who called forth an enormous horntail wasp for Vespula Azele Stormcrow. Demanding that the wasp be fed, Azele, with the help of Xenthos and Steingrim, was able to provide it with enough essence for it to explode into the Horde of Wyrden Glory, a clutch of enormous insect eggs, pulsating with temporal energy.

In Celest, Torili and the Praetorian Hamos sought the aide of Celest citizens to complete the ritual to discover the hiding place of the Tears of Saint Tresalyne, which were brought back to the Ecclesiarchy and incorporated within the lighthouse, lending their light to its beam. The citizens rejoiced and soon sought out Yanitone Symfale of the Archons who revealed that through his merchant network he had obtained a rumoured Relic of the Dawn's Promise. Once the reliquary was blessed, the Shards of Morning's Absolution began to protect those who had so empowered them. Meanwhile, Zeasha Novikei had been searching for answers to what was causing rumbling below the garden at the heart of the Sanctifiers guildhall. With the aide of the citizenry, the chamber of tides, containing the mysterious basin known as the Thalassos, was unearthed.

Sparrow led the Sowers (accompanied by a cow) in a ritual dance, which brought forth a mysterious seed. When planted, the seed grew into the Amberleaf. Lalenna, meanwhile, had been seeking answers of her own. Waking from a trance she found that she had created, or been gifted, a ritual totemcarving knife. With the aide of the Wodewoses, the knife was empowered and the Totem of the Tribes revealed. Lastly, the Listeners uncovered an ancient veneration chamber when, at the behest of the spirit Teharo and the aid of Miakoda, a number of members of the other guilds came in to help make the necessary offerings.

In time, all eighteen guilds of the Basin of Life were empowered to protect the timestream - a fact which greatly angered the Last Goloth, Maxyenka. As the new year turned in Lusternia, he lost control of the Beast of Time, whose unleashed power tore great wounds into the timestream.

Every now and then another of these scars opens, causing a Timequake that opens a rift into another part of time - occasionally, even another timeline entirely. Lusternia will not be the same again, but as is often the case with such events, many questions remain. Who or what is the Beast of Time? What caused the perfection of the Immaculate Age, or the apocalypse of the Age of Desolation?

Time, quite literally, would have to tell.

Timequakes Released! Sun, 12 May 2019 00:41:11 +0000

Since guilds have begun research projects in response to the temporal disturbances recently plaguing the Basin of Life, the new Timequake System has been released! Several times throughout a Lusternian month, a timequake may suddenly hit the Basin of Life. You will need to seek out the temporal rift that has opened and you can attempt to harvest a temporal anomaly, which can either be used to power a guild project or for personal archpower. There are four types of anomalies (past, present, immaculate and desolate), and a research project can only lock onto one anomaly type. See HELP TIMEQUAKES and HELP RESEARCH for more information.

Keep an eye out for posts with more details of the release event!

May 2019 Newsletter Wed, 08 May 2019 19:15:58 +0000

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Something Wicked This Way Comes!

Throughout Lusternia, adventurers have started to experience strange things – sounds and sights and feelings that are not there. Keep an eye on these temporal oddities throughout the second week of May for a huge new release on May 11th!

Crucible Curio Release!

What are crucible curios? When formed, they can convert commodities to other commodities at a 2:1 ratio. Each curio can only convert commodities on their commodity list. All crucibles are restricted to only converting 50 commodities per Lusternian month. The four types of crucibles are:

  • Metal Crucibles can convert iron, gold, silver, platinum and mercury
  • Glass Crucibles can convert grain, milk, fruit, vegetables and sugar
  • Stone Crucibles can convert leather, cloth, rope, silk and salt
  • Crystal Crucibles can convert poultry, fish, meat, eggs and sulfur

For the month of May, you can directly purchase packages of crucible curio pieces directly on the website. These packages also contain Czigany coins! These packages are found on the Credit Page!

Massive Updates!

  • Players above level 80 should now get better hunger messages.
  • You should no longer be able to create negative amounts of aethergoop items.
  • Players with cloaking gems should now appears on EVENT PLAYERS
  • Wonderbrazier Purify has been changed to give a trueground effect for 2p and 4s of equilibrium (Environment Trueground is 2p, 8s of equilibrium).
  • Single Parent Adoptions are now possible if your spouse is inactive. It will take twice as long a consideration period.
  • Artisan rockers will now reduce insanity faster while rocking in them.
  • Clans and Cartels can now be deeded to Lesser and Greater Houses, they will show up under FAMILY DEEDS.
  • Benign Prophesy now gives a 1/8 health buff.
  • Baton curios will now only show to those in the room they are activated in and there will be a 5 sec cooldown before you can see another one.
  • Commodity Cost for Breaking Down Aethercrafts Updates:
    • Spices to break down aetherpotions
    • Sugar to break down aethercandy
    • Salt to break down aetherbuttons
    • Sulfur for aetherscarves
    • Mercury for aetherspheres
  • Newbies: Rejoice! Instead of leading to random rooms in the collegiums, the Pool to Academia in the Garden of the Moirae should nowappropriately lead to the main quest giver for each organisation’s collegiums.
  • Newbies: The Pool to the Nations and the Pool to Academia in the Garden of the Moirae should now appropriately be on the Prime Material Plane.
  • Newbies: When you walk into a room with a mob you have to influence or if your ego drops below 50% while influencing the mages or gorgogs in the Pools of Remembrance, you will receive a hint to SIP BROMIDES
  • Newbies: Various extended hints have been added to the Pools of Remembrance quests to guide you along points that may not be as obvious..


  • May 1-31: For the month of May, you can directly purchase packages of crucible curio pieces directly on the website. These packages also contain Czigany coins! These packages are found on the Credit Page!
  • May 5: Wild Nodes!
  • May 19: Wild Nodes!

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Strange Things! Tue, 07 May 2019 23:37:51 +0000

Throughout Lusternia, adventurers have started to experience strange things - sounds and sights and feelings that are not there. Keep an eye on these temporal oddities throughout the second week of May for a huge new release on the 11th!

April 2019 Newsletter Thu, 11 Apr 2019 16:46:19 +0000

Gnome Traders Arrive!

Introducing Aetherspace Trading

Gnomish aetherships have been touching down on random aetherbubbles, announcing their presence on the market channel. For the player who finds the gnome trader first, a trade for a specific crafted item can be made for an aethergoop crafted items! You may run across Rubie Royale, who is on the look out for rings, necklaces, crowns and other shinies. Or maybe you’ll run into Raphie DiGagio, whose impeccable fashion sense curates the latest in robes, dresses and anything wearable. Or perhaps you will find Chef Gioia Shucks, whose appetite for pastries, pasta and other popular foods. Being a crafter has never been so good… and profitable! Read more!

Awakening the Spirit of Ilmdria Farirue

One windy morning in the Serenwilde forest, there came a strange whispering. Almost indecipherable at first, it echoed throughout the forest and drew the attention of those gathered at the Mother Moonhart. Daxi Strongleaf and Aydeksa Mzithrei were first to hear it, with Coraline Myeras returning to assist in their search thereafter. What followed led to a discovery of an ancient spirit deep in the heart of the forest and tale of sorrow and friendship. Read more.

Memorial Water Gardens: A Tale of a Tail

It was late in Estar, 527 CE that Milosha Novikei and Yanitone Symfale of New Celest announced the official opening of the Memorial Water Gardens, a project that had been under construction for many years. The opening festivities were attended by citizens of all walks of life, from Prince Minkahmet D’Varden himself to a fisherman interested in learning what varieties of fish could be found in the new garden’s pools. Not to mention the cat. Who would have thought that this would herald the return of the Elder Goddess Carakhan, Sculptor of Waves. Read more.

All Hail Gilligan, King of the Leprechauns!

For the first time ever, the youngest offspring of Old Cashel Connlaodh has taken the leprechaun throne! His older sister and brother are aghast at this development but the leprechaun population is rejoicing. All hail Gilligan, King of the Leprechauns! Congratulations to Gilligan and those who worked so hard on his behalf for those votes! Read more.

Timequake Updates

Progress is rapidly commencing towards the upcoming Timequake System, as we turned to players to help brainstorm ideas for the research project in Forum Discussions. The aim is to begin testing the mechanics this month with an eye to a rapid release!


  • April 1-30: For the month of April, you will get a free daily spin on the Wheel of Tzaraziko. Also, for April only, you can purchase Czigany coins directly on the website. But that’s not all! If you purchase credits during this month, you will receive 1 coin for every 25 credits purchased. Both coin packages and credits are available on the Credit Page!
  • April 7: Wild Nodes!
  • April 21: Wild Nodes!

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All Hail Gilligan, King of the Leprechauns! Mon, 01 Apr 2019 00:19:08 +0000

For the first time ever, the youngest offspring of Old Cashel Connlaodh has taken the leprechaun throne! His older sister and brother are aghast at this development but the leprechaun population is rejoicing. All hail Gilligan, King of the Leprechauns! Congratulations to Gilligan and those who worked so hard on his behalf for those votes!

  • Seamus: 5703
  • Eileen: 4405
  • Gilligan: 671