Other Ways to Play

You can play the Lusternia text game instantly, by clicking on the Play Now link in the menu at the top of the page. This will connect you to our Flash client which is a great way to play our online text games. In addition to the Flash Client, we also have the Nexus Client for those of you that have installed Java on your computer. If you experience problems connecting to our text games with the Flash or Nexus Clients, read the Installation Instructionsfor steps on troubleshooting problems you may be having. In addition to the Flash and Nexus clients you can also download programs that have been created by other companies to play our text games. Some of these third-party clients are free, and some are not. Iron Realms Entertainment currently works with the three following companies to provide the best possible experience for our text games.

Here are three links to screencastsdetailing how to download, install, and connect to our text games using these clients.

If you need additional help with these three clients, each offers very informative websites and a very helpful and knowledgeable user base in their individual forums. You may also be able to find some additional help from our limited selection of screencasts.