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Archive for October 2019

The Festival of the Creatrix

For fifteen years, Lusternia has celebrated its Anniversary as simply the turning of the Cosmic Cycle. No longer! This annual event shall now be known as the Festival of the Creatrix – and in addition to all of the already scheduled events, you will find the following attractions this year: PARTY ITEMS! Upon Avechna’s Peak,…

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September 2019 Art-Bard Winners

The September 2019 Artisanal winner, by Esei

Congratulations to our Bardic and Artisanal winners for September! If you’d like a chance to join them in November, make sure you get your submission in by the end of this month. HELP ARTBARD will tell you all you need to know. Bardic Contest Winner Lief’s Forsaken, a Ballad Runner-Up Alaksanteri’s Conceptual Sustainability Merit Portius’s…

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Introducing Aonia

Hello, The story of Lusternia and the lore behind it is the most important aspect of it — we cannot stress that enough. When Orael and I were selected, we understood we would need a way to preserve that. Lusternia has a huge wealth of lore that no single person can hold in their minds.…

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A Roadmap for Lusternia

With all of the recent changes, we wanted to make sure to let people know what our main focus will be for the upcoming weeks. Here is out basic roadmap. Finalise Melder Rework We do not want to leave this project half-finished. There are obviously some tweaks that still need to be made. We have…

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Thanks, Goals, and the Future

I’d like to start off by thanking Estarra for 15 years of building this amazing world. I spent the majority of those as a player, and was entirely enraptured by the depth of the lore and the inspiring worldbuilding that has coalesced into Lusternia. Under Estarra’s hand, we’ve had such amazing events unfold, and areas…

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Farewell, Lusternia

Without beating around the bush, I must tell you that I am leaving Lusternia. As I have pledged before that I would never abandon Lusternia, please know that this is not my choice and if there were any way I could stay in any capacity, I would. My great hope would be to return one…

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