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Archive for April 2019

April 2019 Newsletter

Gnome Traders Arrive! Introducing Aetherspace Trading Gnomish aetherships have been touching down on random aetherbubbles, announcing their presence on the market channel. For the player who finds the gnome trader first, a trade for a specific crafted item can be made for an aethergoop crafted items! You may run across Rubie Royale, who is on…

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All Hail Gilligan, King of the Leprechauns!

For the first time ever, the youngest offspring of Old Cashel Connlaodh has taken the leprechaun throne! His older sister and brother are aghast at this development but the leprechaun population is rejoicing. All hail Gilligan, King of the Leprechauns! Congratulations to Gilligan and those who worked so hard on his behalf for those votes!…

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