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Archive for September 2018

September 2018 Newsletter

Death of the Dingbat! Dingbats Officially Retired Let us take a moment to remember our dearly departed dingbats. We used you to purchase dingbat dolls, gnomish gewgaws and other whimsical artifacts. Farewell, dear dingbats! But fear not! You can still purchase all these dingbat artifacts with aethergoop, which is a much more prevalent commodity. For…

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The Linorii Menagerie and Garosaur Conundrum

With the glowbat population stabilising thanks to the rigorous research of the Basin’s foremost linorii researchers, each researcher published a comprehensive report based on their findings. With this stabilisation, it was thought that the commune and city members who aided the researchers would have time to relax and review the reports in peace and quiet.…

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