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Archive for July 2018

A Whale of a Tale

Suddenly, and against all probability, a void-whale manifested in the skies above Mount Avechna. Nearly slamming into its peak, the creature took flight across the Basin of Life, littering the ground with pieces of itself that had broken off during its reentry. Its wandering was not long, however. Attracted by the scent of a particularly…

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Threads, Fall and Rise

Strange weather. The people of the Basin of Life had thought that the rain of bouncing balls from the lightning-splashed sky was the end of it. But in Shanthin, 505 years after the Coming of Estarra, reality shook once more, and the very ground began to sprout with tangles of blue-green shimmering thread, which spread…

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Transmological Visions

While sinkers and threads plagued the Basin of Life, transmologists were plagued by a vision of the threads unearthing something looking like a box or a chest. Soon, the visions came true, and a chest was found off of a spectre-filled island. Mosachi Xeeth of Gaudiguch claimed to potentially have some knowledge as to the…

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July 2018 Newsletter

Peculiar Weather and Other Oddities Peculiar Weather and Other Oddities When the skies cracked open with blue-purple lightning, the very atoms of reality shifted, and strange shapes and stars shifted in and out of view upon the firmament. This led to a rain of strange bouncing balls that seemed to have value for at least…

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