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Archive for May 2018

The Mists of Serenwilde

A brilliant flash and massive crashing heralded a massive opening in the sky, and from it a comet of tenebrous mist fell to the Serenwilde forest. Those first to the scene were quick to find within the Centaur Hills an odd, dancing wisp of black mist with a flame within. After interacting with it, those…

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Warrior Renovations

After weeks of development and testing, warriors have undergone a big renovation, with a number of skills updated and several new skills implemented. The primary focus of these changes was to give warriors more options and efficacy in group combat. Below is a list of the main updates. General Base damage has been increased Power…

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Magnagora and New Celest Artwork

We commissioned some concept art for two of the original cities in Lusternia. First up is Magnagora, where the artist captured the dark, polluted, urban cityscape centered around the Megalith of Doom, seen rising through the tainted air in the background. For Celest, spiral shell towers frame the sea-inspired architecture in soft blues, whites and…

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