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Archive for December 2017

The Final Revelation: Son of Steel and Gold

Each legacy is more than just a story;united all beginnings open doors –we embrace Fate and die for our own glory,as ages fade, but Promises endure. Alakar i’Xiia was uncertain which of his ancestors had agreed to this nonsense, but he didn’t have time for it. A Verse of Magnora? Really? What did they take…

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Apocalypse Has Come to Call

As much of the Basin slept, the Chaos Seal weakened. More were on the cusp of fading as Lief Myeras-Silvermoon made a valiant attempt to close portals and fight back the beasts – but after much of her toil she was overcome by the madness of the Soulless too much to continue. She ceased, only…

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Watchers Wake to Fight the Fears

Safely ensconced in the Tosha Monastery, Constance Walker was not idle. She had assured her allies in Serenwilde that they could work on curing Elsa without needing to return to Duum, a message that had been passed through the commune’s alliance to reach Tekora Windwhisper. Ably assisted by the more knowledgable Avalni D’Varden, they began…

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Renounce Ascent or Face Demise

Wanda Murkle was under no illusions that she was the sort of person people liked. But then, she didn’t have much of an interest in being liked. There would be rapture, and He would come and consume them all, and all would be as it ought to be. That was enough. If people thought her…

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The Cards That Tumbled Down

The appearance of Verses of Magnora had become commonplace. In a scant matter of years, one after the other after the other had been uncovered, often heralding events that transpired soon after. But no matter how routine their delivery became – always taken to places or people of import, and always with talk of keeping…

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Situation Report: Mirage Prison

The ancient portal is obviously of Illuminati design, though the technique appears equally old yet beyond my understanding. Witnesses report it was our own Jun D’Cente who discovered the combination required to gain entry to the splintered dimension of the Mirage Prison. The name of which I uncovered later with ease. Disorganised chaos reigned with…

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