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Archive for October 2017

Founding of the Tessenchi

Dearest honoured mother, It fills me with joy to write you once again and communicate the duties of my life since last we met. As ever, I am a servant of the Queen of Queens and carry my discretion with dignity, but though it is a fell day that brought me back to you, I…

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Founding of the Nunchaku

It all started with when two rivals had a spat. Madam Yith, the recently ousted Illithoid Ambassador to Magnagora wandered into Gaudiguch seeking out Ambassador Ilogbog. Madam Yith eventually left, but not before lighting an ember, an ember that later emblazoned into an inferno. This ember sat with Ilogbog for a month or so when…

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The Unity Syndrome

The presence of an unusual cage on Avechna’s peak seemed to pique attentions around the Basin of Life. Soon after its appearance, odd pustules began to be coughed up by the dying, and the cage seemed to be absorbing some sort of energy in their last moments. An odd attempt by many in Magnagora was…

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Upheaval in the Undervault

Translated as best as possible from a scrawled, near-illegible slate recovered from the Xeeth Laboratories… Time… time… it came, my turn, Promised… a Promise. He’s not happy I escaped. Promised… must protect… Basin. Deliver the words. Wrote them down so I won’t forget. I burrowed up, get out, deliver the words. The time has come.…

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October 2017 Newsletter

Lusternia Turns Thirteen Anniversary Celebrations Lusternia enters its terrible teens in October, turning 13 years old! Throughout the month there will be events to celebrate this momentous event. Also, keep an eye out for the Czigany Wayfaire which usually shows up for the festivities! Read more! Love on the Rocks Wedding bells rang discordantly across…

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Lusternia 13 Year Anniversary

Lusternia turns thirteen years old in 2017! Does this mean we are entering our adolescence? Are the teens truly terrible? The next year we’ll find out, but first it is time to celebrate! Check out some of the events below and keep an eye out for the Czigany Wayfaire which usually shows up when there…

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