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Archive for June 2017

April Vesteran Honours

For the April Vesteran Honours, Breandryn won the bardic contest with the news column titled, “Gaudiguch Gossip, Roarkian 471 CE”. In the artisanal category, Xeii won with the portait titled “A relic of the future”. Check out all of the winners in the Art-Bard Archives! Bardic Awards Bardic Winner Breandryn Bardic Runnerup Aramel Bardic Merit…

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Battle for the Wheel

Hail Basin, I, Lebo Needles, have requested and been sanctioned to allow this report for the Order of Shallach to be seen by all. It is rather rudimentary; I am still getting used to writing reports, but I hope it suffices and informs anyone who could not be present in Lirangsha. Cordially, Lebo Needles Shallah’s…

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Duum for the Humanistic League

In the month of Estar, 475 years after the Coming of Estarra, the cities and forests of the Basin of Life were visited by two humans by the names of Elsa Fallows and Constance Walker. They claimed to be members of the Lusternia Humanistic League, an organization they described as being devoted to research about…

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When the Bells Toll in Magnagora

The Curse The bells tolled for midnight in Magnagora, hailing the arrival of the 22nd of Shanthin in the year 471, as the Crimson Lady sounded her horn with urgency, suddenly making way for the docks. Aboard the vessel, captain Yishka Feyranti was met by Geomancer Sabella, Shango d’Cente, and Avurekhos Feyranti, before other concerned…

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