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Archive for March 2017

Tales of a Whiskey Keg

For some months now, the citizens of Gaudiguch had been having a strong desire for whiskey. As time went on, the urges became stronger and their thoughts turned towards where they could sate their sudden thirsts. Eventually, Tremula, Letarne, Danquik and a few others made their way to see Beloch at the bar and upon…

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The Hunter and the Reaver

A distant horn resonated through the boughs of Serenwilde, catching the attention of Wobou and Kay at the Moonhart Mother. As they alerted their commune and discussions began to form, a giant crack was heard from the hills of Northern Serenwilde, followed by waves of psionic energy. A tree once made by the Horned One…

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Second Annual Ascension Gala

It was the first day of Klangiary, one of those Autumn days where all had begun to become crisp and golden; one of those days where life could start all over again. I had placed all my hopes for that day, for that new life, on a letter. The letter was silk, expensive and keen…

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January Vesteran Honours

For the January Vesteran Honours, Aramel won the bardic contest with the play titled, “The Alchemy of Love”. In the artisanal category, Ciaran won with the portait titled “Ciaran and Yephry”. Check out all of the winners in the Art-Bard Archives!             Bardic Awards Bardic Winner Aramel Bardic Runnerup Portius…

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