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Archive for February 2017

Ascension Event 2017

Towards the end of the Saga of the Black Sun, a figure emerged which weakened the Nine Seals. As stated in the histories under Coming of Estarra, when the Nine Seals are weakened, there is only one way that they can be recharged: through the ascension of a mortal! Beginning in February , there will…

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Flocking to the Swan Song

An errant cloud drifting uncontrolled on a breeze revealed Hathi Aves, Warden of the Swans, and his young son, Taelo Aves, a pair of trill dedicated to tending the Clarramore’s swan flock. Their portion of the Clarramore Cloud Gardens was set adrift and recently reunited with the estate properly. In his travels, Hathi Aves found…

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Towers of the Magi

In late Dioni 466 a croaking voice was heard emanating from the Undervault tunnels under the Razine Mountains, calling out to Professor Pheslida Pheeif-Zluush that he was looking to bring her the requested supplies. Yarith Shevat of Hallifax was the first to join the Professor and meet Oblo Bllem, whose still heavily laden wheelbarrow indicated…

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Ascension Events & Much More

Challenge of Chaos In the aftermath of Mahaadi’s invasion of Faethorn and a civil war  between Goldenclaw and Dawnburst, the Basin of Life found itself pressed against the knife’s edge of Kethuru’s destructive power. Indeed, the  Seals of Knowledge, Chaos and War had cracked, and it was time for the  Trials of Ascension once more.…

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December Vesteran Honours

For the December Vesteran Honours, Breandryn won the bardic  contest with the story titled, “The Brave Little Faeling”. In the artisanal category, Arimisia won with the portait titled “Come, to the Torturer”. Check out all of the winners in the Art-Bard Archives!             Bardic Awards Bardic Winner Breandryn Bardic Runnerup…

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