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Archive for August 2016

The Curious Case of Sako Tleem

It began with a post produced by Scanlan Stormcrow (reproduced here): —— A mystery is afoot, and it’s one I dare to share,For we can find a carriage, but we only find it bareBe it once fast-moving, and rickety round the bend,I never thought i’d be the one, to speak of -this- untimely end. So…

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The Curse of the Jungle

Roughly a month passed before Doctor Creshok was revisited by Falmiis and Ileein Shevat and Tamashi of Hallifax, who asked whether or not the cure for the skinrot outbreak was ready. It was, at least, but the question of dissemination was asked. Calibration of the gnomish machines was out of the question; not only was…

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Children’s Hour

Unspared, even the Blasted Lands suffered massive ill-effect from the curse of Brother Lion. The lands were overrun and the gravediggers likewise became extra menacing. But, what of the children? The viscanti children roaming and meandering these tainted lands found themselves cornered and at the mercy of the curse! Two notable figures arrived looking for…

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Welcome to the Jungle

Something was amiss. Mraxin, the Perihelion of the Dawnburst Druids, had not returned for months, years even. It was Turiki, the Guardian of the Aphelion, who took it upon herself to venture from her post to see if any one within the Basin of Life had heard from him. In Glomdoring, she attempted to get…

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June Vesteran Honours

For the June Vesteran Honours, Portius won the bardic  contest with the story titled, “Pilgrim”. In the artisanal category, Alaksanteri won with the portrait titled “Viscanti Marquessa”. Check out all of the winners in the Art-Bard Archives!               Bardic Awards Bardic Winner Portius Bardic Runnerup Bleuu Bardic Merit Naralis…

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