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Archive for January 2015

December Vesteran Honours

For the December Vesteran Honours, Ventidius won the bardic  contest with the short story titled, “Ezekiel’s Sorrow”. In the artisanal category, Niun won with the portrait of “Brother Crow”. Check out all of the winners in the Art-Bard Archives!

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A Geomancer’s Dream

As adventurers far and wide prepared themselves for the coming Ascension Trials, the rest of the Basin continued in motion, the Soulless threat looming over them like a dark shadow. In Magnagora, a geomancer researcher named Rasebal i’Xiia, long wrapped up in his research on the Taint and its effect on the earth, stumbled out…

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Trapping the Soulless

Lanterns trailed through the sky, vessels of prayer set aloft as mortals gathered to see the ritual completed. It was not long, however, before the memories of the aslaran turned from hope to fear, as a deep, dark presence began to make itself known once more. The flames of the lanterns quickly died, replaced by…

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The Tale of Two Sanctuaries

Between a roc and a hard place, Arien Siar’luin was the first to stumble upon a contingent of spriggans, fiercely defending the entrance into the area above. Fortunately, Serenwilden reinforcements were right behind her, and together, they forced their way into tunnels obscured by icy fog. Climbing upwards, they arrived at the entrance into a…

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Return of Nature’s Scourge

It was a quiet month that followed as the Scourge of Nature held firmly, not a single sighting of mushrooms reported or rotten whiff caught. Still, tension and uncertainty hung in the air after Estarra the Eternal Herself had proclaimed the influence to be of Soulless origin. Without knowing the underlying cause, could the infestation…

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