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Archive for March 2014

The Cyaethl Affair

Relative peace across the southern Basin was disturbed when cries for help were heard from several villages, but quickly cut off, leaving only a sinister silence. An investigative team from Gaudiguch included Alary, Seraku and Persayis, but they could find no trace of the missing villagers from Dairuchi. Haezon and a group from Glomdoring were…

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Glory be to Glomdoring

I’m back. Sort of. I’m not any Viravain’s you’ve ever known. When you take on a role larger than yourself, one where multiple very talented players have added the cumulative weight of experience and history over the course of Lusternia’s operating history, it’s hard to fill their shoes. So the best way to do that,…

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The Waking of the Thorns

In the wake of the Ascension of Karlach Stormcrow, the Glomdoring was disturbed by a tiny visitor – the previously unknown Averi Nightshade. Emerging without fanfare from the shadows themselves, she demanded their help to aid the Wyrd. When asked of her purpose, she spoke only of one who slept, whose was as the Wyrd…

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Ascension Event 2014

As events culminated in the Saga of the Red Star, the two twisted cosmic lords, Dumaliel and Grimbach, tried to empower themselves by draining the Seal of Beauty. This resulted, in the weakening of all Nine Seals that hold the Soulless Gods captive. As stated in the histories under Coming of Estarra, when the Nine…

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