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Archive for February 2014

January Vesteran Honours

For the January Vesteran Honours, Portius won the contest with the epic poem titled, “Jekkex”. In the artisanal category, Arimisia won with the painting entitled “Chief Everiine Silvermoon, the Wise”. Check out all of the winners in the Art-Bard Archives!

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To Dust Returnest

Coming to the end of my time as a volunteer administrator for Lusternia has been a difficult journey for me. I’ve been playing Lusternia since open beta in 2004 and I have truly loved the game. Seven years later, I felt that I had achieved a lot as a player but that I would like…

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The Merry Minstrel

In early Estar, the Voice of Gullagumbah stirred, mentioning a strang rumbling, unheard to the Minstrels He alerted. Confusion was abundant until the Basin rumbled, the sound emanating from the Northern Mountains. As the rumbling subsided, a soft melody was briefly heard, carried about upon the winds. As many wondered about the sounds, in the…

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In some ways, becoming an eph comes with as many losses as it does gains. The first thing you do is qq your mortal for the very last time, and that, for many of us, was a hard decision to make. There’s a good number of admin who chose to apply for Havens because they…

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