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Archive for December 2013

On Jason Wilkinson

Hearing about Jason’s death has been a bit of a shock to me. I haven’t spoken to him in any fashion for a few years, ever since coming up to the Havens as an Ephemeral. When we did interact, he was one of my favorite folks. He was a good guy – impulsive, like so…

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Unveiling the Pyresmith

Barely had the first reverse-rainstorm surged into the skies when intense headaches were visited upon numerous mortals across the Basin. Though initially dismissed as a side effect of the new weather patterns, this line of thinking was quickly dispelled as soon as a mysterious voice, speaking the ritual tongue of the Elders, addressed them in…

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Plaxios and the Cloud Stalker

With the weather wildly out of order, citizens of the Serenwilde and Glomdoring communes turned to the four members of the Anas’im’aeklas for answers. Unfortunately for them, the leader of the organisation, Thalafir Oakvine, forbade his subordinates from accepting aid from the outside. Though some disagreed vocally with the assessment of the situation, all obeyed…

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