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Archive for June 2013


What the average player might not appreciate about life in the Havens is that there are so many talents, so many people doing amazing things that have nothing to do with Lusternia at all. We have had many, many ephemerals and Gods in college, and several amazing eggheads in graduate school. We have had individuals…

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May Vesteran Honours

For the May Vesteran Honours, Thul won the bardic contest with the story titled, “The Divergent Branches – The Wyrden Basin”. In the artisanal category, Rivius won with the masterpiece entitled “Secret Beneath the River”. Congratulations to all the rest who placed in the artisanal and bardic contests this month

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Fumes in the Pyramid of Pyromancy

Akungi Sain called out on the Pyromancer aetherwave, asking for help in a worried voice. Alary responded quickly, but she quickly panicked as Akungi fainted and was unable to provide any helpful information. Soon, tremors began to rock the Pyramid of the Pyromancers in Gaudiguch, worsening the stress on both Akungi and Alary. Luckily for…

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The Dreadform Rampage

The eternal conflict between Zvoltz and Mysrai sparked anew as Mysrai utilised a new weapon. Seeking vengeance for Her injury by Zvoltz’s hammer, the Shifting Goddess released the Dreadform of Iklara from the depths of Her realm. Riding it into battle against Zvoltz and Hallifax, a furious fight broke out in the skies over the…

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