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Archive for June 2012

A Matter for Mushrooms

It was a seasonably normal day in Dioni when the Wheel of Goloths appeared once more, spiraling through the skies above the Razine Mountains. A grim, red light raced across the heavens, heralding the arrival of another spinning portal. Like clockwork, the eerie voice of a commanding Dame blared a dark portent to the Basin…

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A few players have asked what it’s like to take on an “older” godrole that an admin has played in the past. After some poking and prodding from Zvoltz, I’ve decided to write about my experiences with Isune – because, frankly, every godrole’s situation is different. When we take an old godrole, sometimes the last…

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The Shame of a True Ascendant

In an unprecedented event, Estarra the Eternal stripped the True Ascendant form from Xynthin, who now walks in shame under the guise of Xenthos. What transgressions the once great Xynthin did to deserve such a punishment remains a mystery.

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The Mystery of the Feyranti Estate

The Wheel of Goloths became active once again, releasing a squadron of the Dominators, led by Ludlya, Time Dame of the Flow, who immediately invaded Avechna’s Teeth on a mission that led them to attempt to commandeer the blood diamond mines in the hidden Feyranti Estate. The invasion overwhelmed the estate, enough so that the…

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