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Archive for January 2012

The Year in Review for 2011

My name is Robb French, Producer of Lusternia, also known as Estarra the Eternal. At the end of each year, I review the prior year in Lusternia. While I believe 2011 has gone smoothly, I will admit that I am disappointed that the playerbase hasn’t grown as much as I had hoped. A larger playerbase…

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Wounded Sky Epilogue: Putting It All Together

In the aftermath of the Wounded Sky, scholars and researchers have investigated the events over the past several decades, conducting interviews and drawing conclusions, and have been able to piece together the clues into a more accurate narrative of the Eras of the Wounded Sky. This is their conclusions. It began in the month of…

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The Eye and the Acorn

Ail’an Gloria had a final parting gift for the Heir of Ellindel, Sondayga Zayah – a great acorn, many times the size of those birthed by oak trees. With a whispering thought the Giving Tree had told Sondayga what he must do, and so the Heir of Ellindel traveled into the Icewynd, seeking out the…

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The Final Gift

With the Soulless God Zenos freed, the Basin of Life were gripped in his clutches, as he sent the deadly Kilgaru wind rampaging throughout the land. It seemed all hope was lost. But then a slim ray of hope appeared. Answering the call of the Tree of Trees, druids gathered to try and decipher the…

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The Eye of Zenos

Surrounding the Iceburn Plains was a range of mountains, where the ruins of the Jeweled City of Climanti stood. More interestingly, trill were discovered high up in the mountain peaks, a total of four tribes who served the Guardians of the Icewynd, whom they called the Ice Angels. Also, abandoned caves were discovered, newly evacuated…

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An Undiscovered Country: The Icewynd Commeth!

From the Northern Mountains, strong winds blew in, carrying clusters of crimson clouds. The angry red clouds coalesced into a massive storm over the Basin of Life. Within the clouds, enormous ruby red eyes can occasionally be seen amidst the crimson lighting that leapt from cloud to cloud. From the eye of the storm, an…

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