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Archive for October 2011

Vengeance upon the infidels!

I don’t often get the opportunity (or, admittedly, the inclination) to interact with players more than a significant distance from my particular realm of influence in Magnagora and the DisOrder of Morgfyre. This past month, we celebrated Lusternia’s seventh (!) anniversary, and boy, was it a whirlwind! We saw several new games released of varying…

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The Mystery of Mount Wend

In early spring of Kiani, as the snow ought to be melting, Agitho Merule came to New Celest, riddled with fever. It was not so quick to thaw on perilous Mount Wend, and the Saint Gathlyn’s orphanage was suffering for it. Sir Raikogen Tanestra and Faragan Diluculo answered the call to serve the Light. Finding…

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The Rocksuckers of Shallach

Late in the month of Shanthin, groups of orcs were found wandering the highways of the Basin of Life, who were literally “stoned” from licking strange rocks covered with crystals. The wandering orcs were first found by Shedrin Shevat, Morbo Gordian, Tulemrah Shevat, Ushaara La’Saet, Morshoth Skyplume and Eritheyl Skyplume, all of Hallifax, who promptly…

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A Small Homecoming in Zoaka

Bodha, a humble crafter of ceremonial pipes who had decided to spend years in far off realms, researching and seeing creatures as well as sights unseen by many, is now once again a resident of the Zoaka, where he was born and raised. When his former location suddenly and mysteriously shifted to a much more…

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Breaking the Miasma

For nearly a month, the Basin of Life anguished beneath the arrival of the strange, murmuring silver miasma that appeared in the Oleanvir Valley and spread quickly through New Celest and the Inner Sea, inexplicably reaching eastward. Relief was had at last when a figure appeared over the Snow Valley, alighting near the spherical crystal…

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The Coming of the Miasma

A terrifying event occurred that some claimed were foreshadowed by the strange dreams that were plaguing the people of the Basin of Life for several months. The temperature suddenly dropped and a cold wind turned the sickly yellow clouds of the wounded sky into swirling maelstrom. Within the putrid storm, glowing red eyes appeared, surrounding…

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