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Archive for May 2011

A Tale of a Vortex Valve

Late in Estar, strange keenings from a valve on the Plane of Vortex drew the attention of the Illuminati. To the disgust of Arian L’Aumes, who had recently traveled through the valve, it became apparent that the opening was sickened and afflicted by parasitic fleshlings. Rot and gangrene spread through the fleshy lips, turning from…

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The Return of the Scarlet Goddess

As the beacon on Avechna’s Peak flared to life and the ground began to shake, the Even-Bladed sensed a Divine presence returning to the First World. However, as Terentia, the Sidereal Prince, and the Exalted took flight from the Resurgence of the Light, it became clear that the presence emerging above the Peak was no…

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Bitter Ice Plagues the Northern Mountains

With a crashing of frigid air in the Northern Mountains and an ominous swirling of flakes, the ice skulls which had recently plagued the Basin of Life returned, sending the cities and communes scrambling after. Greeted first by the warriors of Glomdoring, amidst them Talan Ysav’rai and Viynain Erid’in, the skulls were routed, the survivors…

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Family/House System Updates!

Long desired, they are finally here! Most notably, the means of gaining honour have been increased drastically, as well as a new ‘House Orientation’ system has been implemented which has an affect on how much honour that is gained via certain actions. Harkening back to the days of the Holy Celestine Empire and the seven…

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