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Archive for April 2011


One of my favorite things to do with any community – whether they be MUD players, DnD groups, or a cappella singers – is to have meets. I love it when a community of people who may not get to see each other in real life very often meet for the first time and immediately…

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Great Hunt Winners!

Congratulations to all those who participated in the Great Hunt and won bound credits! For the first time, we’ve ran three tiers so there were three Top Ten sets and lots of credit awards! Demigod+ Tier 1st Veyrzhul (500 credits) 2nd Munsia (450 credits) 3rd Lothringen (400 credits) 4th Kelly (350 credits) 5th Saoirse (300…

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Of Ice Skulls and Tattoos!

Not long after the accident in the Arthar’rt Observatory, the ice skulls were seen again, this time invading the Tosha Monastery. Response was quick from the inhabitants of the Basin who helped the Tosha monks repel the invasion, even as the ice skulls evolved into full fledged ice devils. Unfortunately, the attack was not without…

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An Accident in the Arthar’rt Observatory

Starting with an ominous crash and the frustrated cries of Atrian Lerit’r, trouble was brewing at the Arthar’rt Observatory. The scientist had been frantically trying to assemble his teleportation device before his brother, Eduyik Lerit’r, and his brother’s wife, Metharme Lerit’r, came to visit him and see his work. Eduyik and his wife had taken…

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Being a God and an Administrator is really, really cool, because it affords us some opportunities to add to the world of Lusternia and spruce it up with nice things (Which I love doing!). We do our very best to bring you all things that are interesting and engaging…and sometimes, in our haste, we might…

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Divine Paper Pushing

I suppose it’s about time I make my own blog post. I don’t want the one reference of me on here to be blatant lies and slander! In a later post I’ll likely talk about becoming a god and working with the lovely Glomdoring, but for my first post I thought I’d discuss the amazing,…

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